Getting There

We left Baltimore at 6 am and arrived in Beijing at midnight the next day. 

We chased the sunset into China for twelve hours, after leaving Seattle at 2 pm. Somewhere over the Pacific

Dave and I didn't reserve a hotel or train ticket before arriving in China. We also didn't even know where the train station was. Not knowing any Chinese we somehow managed to get to the station where, even at 2 am is full of people. One thing we learned about the Chinese is that they can sleep anywhere. 

Beijing train station at 4 am. Illuminated only by the LCD train schedule. 

On something like 38 hrs of non stop travel. After leaving Beijing we arrived in Harbin. in Harbin we met a few obstacles but through some intense telepathy sessions with the awe-struck locals and the tremendous help from one english speaking women. We got on our next train to Suifenhe, a Chinese-Russian border city. We were very tired so we spent the extra money on a sleeper car. Best 10 hours of sleep I will ever have. Maybe. 

 Small village outside Suifenhe. 

At the Border crossing in Suifenhe we thought the gaurds were running a scam on us, because by day 2 in China we new how to purchase any bus or train tickets. We never saw a ticket office at the border the guards just ask for 500 yuan and told us to sit and wait. they would get us when it was time. almost two hours later we got on to a bus to Ussuriysk, Russia. Where we meet our new comrades, Sonya, Ramon, Jeina (jack). 

Sonya spoke the most english and would translate for the other two. Our Russian is much better than our Chinese so we communicated pretty well. The night got long with these three. Sonya checking his phone outside some apartments while Ramon beat-boxed and Jeina rapped in Russian for us. 

As the night dragged on the three boys brought us to the "criminal district" where they said we could stay the night with there friends in this one bedroom. Dave and I turned down the offer when they asked us to pay   4,000 rubels ($120) then they brought down the offer to 2,500, we left in a hurry and got a nice hotel room for less than 2,000 rubels.  

Bus to Dal'nerechensk

On our ride to Dal'nerechensk we met this man, he never gave us his name and he didn't speak English so after he finished about three liters of beer we gave him the name "Drunkle" He was kind, sort of, and looked out for us while we traveled 8 hrs to Dal'nerechensk but at the same time he didn't like us. Depended on when the next drink was. Needless to say before our last stop he tried to head-butt me and start a fight. 

"Drunkle" during one of his fits.

 "Drunkle" leaning his head on my shoulder as he gave me a Lesson in Russian.