...Like mowing the lawn; creating rows of covered ground that slightly overlap so you don't miss a single blade of grass. This was my internal vision for my adult-self when I would day-dream about traveling as a young one. I used to think I would see everything and experience all things by literally walking on every inch of ground on the planet. Some may say this is a deficit in attention; zig-zaging across the globe. I also once asked my mom "When you go to college, do you learn everything?" and her response, which probably inspired my insane day-dreams of cutting the Earth's grass, "Yes, you do". 

So you can imagine my disappointed adult-self when I realized a higher education is not the path for all-knowing enlightenment and man does it cost a lot to get a fraction of a fraction. Also my realization of how massive the world is when I stepped beyond Emmitsburg, Maryland and no matter how long my legs got they would not cover all that ground. 

What I did learn during my days in college was how important photography is. To me an image, a successful image tells you the story, makes a viewer become curious and inspired to find out more by asking questions, a photograph should surpass visual fulfillment; to use a line of a recent portfolio review  "I want to be able to smell these images". 

I have been fortunate to begin my quest to cover the planet and this is where I find my enlightenment; shared stories and philosophies from people I meet along the way.